Local History Articles in the Yearbooks

The Society has published 29 Yearbooks and they can be viewed and borrowed from  Morley Public Library on Commercial Street.
Below is a list of all the articles in the Yearbooks deemed to have had relevance to various matters relating to the Morley Borough area.
These articles have been categorised into the following groups:
Biographical Interest  Architectural and Archaeological Interest
Economic and Technical Interest  Local Places and Buildings
Topics on Social matters
 General Matters

Title Author(s) Yearbook Page(s)
Architectural and Archaeological Interest

Station Road Well Joint Authors Year-01 26-27
Gildersome Manor House Joint Authors Year-01 28-34
Buildings Scheduled For Preservation David K. Atkinson Year-05 57
Cottages In West Ardsley G.D. Newton Year-09 14-21
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Biographical Interest

John Nelson (1707-1744) Doris Patterson Year-02 32-33
Julius Caesar Ibbetson Robert Dennis Year-03 15-17
James Margetson Vera Adams Year-04 29-31
John Edward Ashton George W. Atkinson Year-05 58
Robert Peel George W. Atkinson Year-06 3-6
A Yorkshire Map Maker (Christopher Saxton) Joan Thornes Year-07 24-26
Joseph Schofield George W. Atkinson Year-07 3-4
Alice Cliff Scatcherd George W. Atkinson Year-08 3-5
A Victorian Impresario (Ben. J. Worrall) George W. Atkinson Year-11 3-5
Samuel Stead, founder of The Morley Observer George W. Atkinson Year-12 15-16
Clara E. Hepworth George W. Atkinson Year-12 3-4
William Thomas McCutcheon George W. Atkinson Year-13 1-3
Sir Alfred Broughton The Editor Year-13 23
William Smith David K. Atkinson Year-14 1-4
Sir Charles Scarth George W. Atkinson Year-16 5-6
Henry Ainley Peter Walsh Year-17 1-5
Musical Memories (of Phyllis Green) David K. Atkinson Year-18 19-21
A Morley Mining Family M. Bruce Year-19 37-38
A tribute to David Atkinson Clive McManus Year-29  2
R.A.B. Riley The Editor Year-21 3
Brian Booth The Editor Year-22 16
Frank E. Horsnail David K. Atkinson Year-22 35
George Atkinson MBE 1908-1993 Moira McCutcheon Year-25 1-3
Robert Dennis 1902-1993 David K. Atkinson Year-25 27
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Economic and Technical Interest  

Cloth Dyeing in the Morley area Joint Authors Year-01 56-61
Steam Power and Engines used in Crank Mill George L. Snelson Year-02 28-31
Messrs E. Gordon Whiteley Ltd. George W. Wakelin Year-04 49-52
A Short History of Coal Mining in Morley Frank Jackson Year-04 53
Morley Tramways A.K. Terry Year-05 49-51
Postal History (and Postal Bills) in Morley J.C.M. Daniel Year-05 52-54
Morley Fire Service D. Hirst Year-07 5-7
Roberts and Co. Robert Dennis Year-08 23-26
Black Diamonds (Coal) M. Fiske Year-15 7-9
The History of Medicine in Morley Dr. W.G. McCutcheon Year-18 11-18
Railways in the Ardsley area George Lathey Year-26 15-20
Ardsley's Railway Roots George Lathey Year-27 9-12
The Textile Industry in Morley Lizzie Lowe Year-28 1-11
Morley's Mills David K Atkinson Year-28 12-26
Wells and Pumps in Morley David K Atkinson Year-28 14
Morley's Water - Part 1 Clive McManus Year-28 26-30
The Public Houses of the old Morley Borough Table Year-29  21-2
Local Events  

Gildersome and the Great Rebellion Peter Walsh Year-07 10-14
The Battle of Adwalton Moor,1643 Peter Walsh Year-08 55-60
Morley's Greatest Day (16th October 1895) George W. Atkinson Year-10 3-5
Proclamation Day, 1952 George W. Atkinson Year-11 25-27
Centenary of St.Mary's-in-The-Wood, Sept.1978 George W. Atkinson Year-12 19-20
Historic Lee Fair George W. Atkinson Year-14 4
Re-Opening Morley Town Hall Anon Year-16 18-20
A School Board for Morley K.W. Rogers Year-17 18-20
H.H. Asquith's Visit to Morley in 1913 Lady Violet Bonham-Carter Year-24 13-15
The Farnley Wood Plot Peter Walsh Year-28 31-35
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Matters of General Interest  

The Local History Soc. & The Public Library David K. Atkinson Year-02 47-48
Catalogue of Library Contents The Editor Year-13 24-29
Morley  Centenary: 1886-1986 Anon Year-19 1-4
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Local Places and Buildings  

St. Paul's Church Moira McCutcheon Year-05 36-38
St. Mary's, Woodkirk Joan Thornes Year-06 23-28
St. Peter's, Morley Robert Dennis Year-06 7-12
Woodkirk and Nostell Joan Thornes Year-07 15-20
Howley Hall Leslie Boothroyd Year-07 21-23
East Ardsley - a West Riding Village G.D. Newton Year-08 7-20
Cottagers of West Ardsley G.D. Newton Year-10 29-30
Morley Hall The Editor Year-12 14
Crank Mills - Listed Building The Editor Year-13 14
Turton Hall, Gildersome Leslie Boothroyd Year-15 22
Morley in Old Picture Postcards David K. Atkinson Year-17 9
Howley Hall Stewart Ainsworth Year-23 1-15
Dartmouth Park Clive McManus Year-23 26-29
Morley Town Hall - Part 1 David K. Atkinson Year-24 1-12
The Falls, East Ardsley George Lathey Year-24 19-23
The Centenary of St.Andrew's, Bruntcliffe Leslie Boothroyd Year-25 25-26
Morley Town Hall - Part 2 David K. Atkinson Year-25 4-21
Morley Hall Georgina Winterburn Year-26 1-10
Glimpses of Bruntcliffe Leslie Boothroyd Year-26 11-15
St. Paul's Church Clive McManus Year-26 22-26
Listed Buildings The Editor Year-27 18-25
Morley Friends Adult School Trevor Sowden Year-27 1-9
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Matters of Social Interest

Dartmouth Estate Book - 1805 Ref. to Morley Anon Year-01 65-66
A Link with America - Ardsley, NY David K. Atkinson Year-02 18-21
The Society of Friends in Gildersome Harold Dean Year-02 22-24
Three old Letters to America (1820-51) Dr. J. Steven Year-02 38-39
My Changing Town - Poem Margaret Watford Year-03 28
Churwell Information Robert Dennis Year-03 36
Adwalton Horse Fair Ronnie Barnes Year-04 32-35
Gildersome Parish Church Rev. F. Butterworth Year-04 36-38
The Advent of Methodism in Gildersome Harold Dean Year-04 39
Gildersome Baptist Chapel Harold Dean Year-04 40-48
A Century of Development In Morley: 1871-1971 David K. Atkinson Year-05 39-48
The 1841 Census - Morley Norman Bromley Year-05 55-57
Population Statistics: 1801-1971 David K. Atkinson Year-06 13-22
16th Century Wills The Editor Year-06 54-55
Tudor Fines (1486-1546) J.C.M. Daniel Year-07 41-44
Woodkirk Glebe Terriers Joan Thornes Year-08 21-22
Pey Soup - Dialect Poem Stan Williams Year-09 48-49
A Short History of Law Courts in Morley J.C.M. Daniel Year-10 14-18
Morley and its Seven Hills George W. Atkinson Year-10 18
Kaleidoscope (Churwell) Robert Dennis Year-10 31-37
The White Hope Peter Walsh Year-10 6-9
Picture Mad (Tales of the Cinema) Peter Walsh Year-11 12-17
Miscellaneous Local Social Details Robert Dennis Year-11 24
Dialectical Delights Robert Dennis Year-11 8-12
Distress in Morley, 1893-1979 George W. Atkinson Year-12 17-18
Amy's Rolls Royce Birthday (Jim'll Fix It) George W. Atkinson Year-13 13-14
Memories of Whitsuntide Edith Quarmby Year-13 9-10
The Seven Hills of Morley - Poem R. Strudwick Year-14 32
Brought up in Trade Peter Walsh Year-14 8-12
Scrapbooks of a Teenager: 1936-39 Peter Walsh Year-15 10-14
Mrs. A.'s Diary M. Fiske Year-15 19-21
Whit Fire A. Elvey Year-15 35
The Society and The Scatcherds Anon Year-16 29
Mayoral Year Book, 1935-36 Miss E. Smith Year-17 15
Scourin' Stone Lil' An' All That - Poem Robert Dennis Year-17 16-17
A Mirror on the Past Peter Walsh Year-18 1-8
Far Fetched Peter Walsh Year-19 31-35
Local Government in Morley: 1800-1937 David K. Atkinson Year-19 5-30
Methodism in Tingley Trevor Hall Year-20 10-13
Ower Howla' Peter Walsh Year-20 1-6
Facts about Morley's Mayors David K. Atkinson Year-20 9,13
The Callers Elizabeth Houldin Year-21 1-2
The Lighting of the Torch Peter Walsh Year-22 1-7
Policing in Morley Neil D. Garrick Year-22 17-23
The Central Library The Editor Year-22 23
My Boyhood Hero (Robert Peel) - Poem Robert Dennis Year-22 7
Morley Northern Eric Farr Year-22 8-16
Do You Remember the May Horses? Peter Walsh Year-23 16-21
Memories of Horses and Coal David C. Watson Year-24 15-16
Milliopolis - Poem Robert Dennis Year-24 24
Reminiscences of National Service David C. Watson Year-25 22-23
T'Owd Shooil Tom Gomersall Year-25 24
Hometown Highroad - Churwell Hill Robert Dennis Year-25 28
Ardsley Station - Poem Lily Duncan Year-26 21
Hiding T'Scars Lily Duncan Year-27 13
Goodbye Dolly Peter Walsh Year-27 14-18
Table of Morley Magistrates Table Year-29  11
'More than Just a Pint' Judith Raby Year-29  15-2
The Magistrates of Morley D.K. Atkinson and C. McManus Year-29  3-11
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