The Committee


The society's affairs are run by an elected group of people. All have much experience of Morley's heritage.

Dr Clive McManus (1) is the Society President. He was born in the Morley Maternity Hospital more years ago than he likes to remember and has spent most of his life in the town. He is a retired Industrial Chemist who has always had an interest in Heritage and his career as a Chemist has meant that he has spent formative times outside the town.

Maurice Sykes(2) is another Morleian and the Secretary of the Society.  With more time on his hands since his retirement from the Pharmaceutical trade, he is helping to arrange the speaker list. Maurice's address is 66, Horsfall Street, Morley and his phone number is 0113-2535128.

Robert Brook (3) is the Treasurer and he also arranges the annual excursions. Robert is a Morleian who has always been interested in the things that have made Morley what it is.

Betty Houldin (4) is a Morleian and the principal organiser of the Speaker list. She has been a member of the Society almost from the beginning.

Jean Robinson
(5) gives support when she can but is now living in North Yorkshire so she is no longer on the committee.

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