Society Meetings for 2017-18

12-Sep-2017 Marilyn Joice Illustrated

Jane Austen (1775 - 1817)

10-Oct-2017 John Wallis

Variety in Wartime

14-Nov-2017 Ken Cothliff Illustrated

Yeadon above The Rest

12-Dec-2017 Eric Scaiffe

Tyke Talk
9-Jan-2018 Geoffrey Forster

The History of Waxwork

13-Feb-2018 Jackie and Bob Lawrence Illustrated

Victoria Cross holders in Leeds

13-Mar-2018 Cyril Pearce

New Thoughts on British War Resisters

10-April-2018 The Annual General Meeting followed by the talk:

Dr Clive McManus - topic related to Morley's heritage
 Meetings are held in the Labour Rooms on Commercial Street, Morley
 The Labour Rooms are opposite the Public Library. Meetings begin at 7.30 pm
There is a link to a map of the location at the top left menu

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