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Posted by Gavin Townsend on 09/03/2017

Big Thank You to Morley library who tracked down the story in the Morley Observer.

Posted by Gavin Townsend on 25/05/2016   Email

I am trying to trace any photo's (or ideally the article in the Morley Observer) about the leather jacket that was put over the lightning conductor on the top of the Morley Town Hall in the summer of either 1985 or 1986. As a local lad I remember it well but my efforts to trace it with The Observer have drawn a blank as they didn't transfer theoir full archives when they moved premises. Any help would be very much appreciated

Posted by Jonathan Parrish on 30/06/2013   Email

I can remember as a child I lived across the road from George Atkinson and his son David. George was a familiar sight and could be seen everyday going to the 'club' in his suit, tie and trilby hat!

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